HMC for DIB Festival VI confirmed

Finally! It took some time but we are so glad that this year it all worked out. A warm welcome to this years DOOM IN BLOOM Festival VI headliner!

➤ Hangman’s chair official (Paris, France)
Forever drowned with Paris’ moods: Despair, solitude and violence share the stage with beauty and symbiotic love. The band represents one of the most important acts of the french Stoner/Doom scene. Coming to our lovely fest with their new LP “Banlieue Triste”, out April 2018 via MUSICFEARSATAN – LABEL.

And whatever Hangman’s Chair transforms into now, it’s roots will lie around the corner of an alley, in between two parisian bars or deep down the Seine river. These monsters’ kids will cry their despair.

So happy to see you all Doomheads in April! Get your tickets now:

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